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Bam Bams


We started from an idea of bringing a micro crochet technique to Kalgoorlie W.A

A long lasting, natural and gentle weaving crochet method that accommodates for ALL hair types. Allowing the trained Loctician to create dreadlocks from micro locs to Phat!

Trained and mentored to become a professional, we combine our vast Dreadlock knowledge with quality maintenance, Loc products and a home salon setting.

BAMS remains transparent about the care, costs and health of all those in our Dreadlock Community.

Continuously evolving with the growing demand for Dreadlocks and Extensions.


"BamBams dreads did amazing dread maintenance for me, very precise and attention to detail especially with parting each dreadlock. Dreads feeling 100% again."


—  Bek Chester (April 2018)

We are the B.A.M.S fam!



Ben. Arian. Meical. Shell 

All too often Dreadlocks become a family lifestyle, that is the love of it.

We understand this and endeavor to create a family friendly Salon.

Keeping Kalgoorlie-Goldfields' shift work hours in mind and the need to accommodate for that.


Ben and Shelley.

I'm Shelley, Owner and Salon Loctician. Trained and mentored in all things dreadlocks. My Partner Ben is trained is basic maintenance.

Our relaxed dynamic, passion and quality skills gives BAMS a creative edge. Whilst allowing our clients to feel comfortable and pampered.

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