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Kalgoorlie Dreadlock Salon

"We strive to provide a quality, professional and relaxing service."




Free Consultation

30 minute discussion in store or online.

Covering all your questions, concerns and ideas.


Where the fun begins! 

From your ideas and our Sista System training, we can create an arrange of dread styles. As little as peek-a-boos, top knots and mullets. To full heads, half heads and dread hawks. Having sizes range from micro to Phat.

Leave your ends natural or blunted.

With determination to create the Dreads you want.

Full head starting from $240

Maintenance / Repairs

Everyone's Dreadlocks mature at a different rates. We always encourage regular monthly maintenance in the first 12 months to achieve healthy and cylindrical dreadlocks.

Even if your stopping in from out of town, no worries. We can manage blowouts, frizz, cannibal dreads, matting and so much more

Hourly rate $60


Does the length matter? Yes!

If your hair falls short than we can attach a choice of synthetic, wool or real human hair extensions.

Permanent or Temporarily braided in.

With textures, styles and colors that are bound to excite!

Individual Pricing

Cutting / Removal

This topic is rarely displayed but is an absolute necessity.

Otherwise we would all be walking around with Dreads down to our toes... but still dig those phat dreadlocks too.

So we offer the chance to trim, pick out ends, shave sides or full removal.

We all know that person that shaved them off only to grow them back again. Right?

Hourly rate $60

Care and Product

Thanks to the WeirdSistas Lokk Mechanics for their 18 years of Dreadlock knowledge and dedication. 

There is now online training, support and community that provides us Lokkticians with wisdom to nurture all Dreadlock dynamics.

Allowing our clients to receive the best in care and advice.

Knowing how to care for our Dreadlocks is what we are about.

Lokk Stokk & Apparel is natural, organic and proudly Western Australian made Dread Care product.

It is made specifically for the care of our Dreads.

Product range in Store.


Knowing you can decorate Dreadlocks gives the style a personal touch.

From wraps, beads, Spiralocks, head covers, Inflatable wash basins, accent extensions and the list goes on.

Product range in Store

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Anchor 2
Anchor 3
Anchor 4
Anchor 5
Anchor 6
Anchor 7

*Square P.O.S available in-store

Was recommended to use bam bams for maintenance of my dreads while I am in Kal. Such a great experience with a lady who is passionate about her art. Her pricing is extremely fair and she has aftercare products for sale truely a professional experience.

~Wolfman Marshall

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